The Satanic Friend


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People often perceive Satanists as lacking compassion, empathy, and common decency. In many cases, friends and family of a Satanist will accuse him or her of pushing people away or just being an “ass hole” in general. Friends, family, and co-workers are all too ready to criticize. However, remember this one thing, in times of need, who do these same people turn to for help?

A Satanist is a true friend and deep down, the critics know this to be true. A Satanist will be honest when others would candy-coat the truth. A Satanist will NOT leave their family or friends defenseless against a physical threat. A true Traditional Spiritual Satanist is trustworthy and willing to do what is right even when no one else will.

-H.P. J.Smith


Welcome to Traditional Satanism

If you are reading this blog, you are either a Satanist already or you are trying to figure out if Satanism is right for you. Obviously, you feel a connection to the path. This may be because you have always been a Satanist.

To be a Satanist is to be true to yourself. Love yourself first so that you can then give love to others. You desire power, wealth, inner peace, happiness, etc… A born Satanist has always felt a desire to unravel the mysteries of life. A Satanist not only knows, but, also feels that there is more.

There is more to know and deeper understanding to gain. There are more questions to ask and you may even feel that a part of your true self is missing. You are ghost having a human experience. You are here to experience time and space. Ask WHY. Why would it be important to experience time and space? What does it matter in the grand universal order of life and death? Ask, then listen. Knowledge is power.

As a Traditional Spiritual Satanist, keep your most sacred beliefs to yourself. Satan does not require that you be open about your dedication to Him. Avoid physical or verbal conflict with other living things but do not show mercy in self defense. Exemplify peace, love, justice, and self-control. You were NOT born in SIN and do not need a savior nor do you need spiritual approval from your peers, parents, or co-workers.

You do not need a Bible or other “Sacred” text to guide your morality; nor do you need one to hasten your quest for truth and power. Your greatest carnal resources are meditation, ritual, and fellow Satanists. All the illumination, power, and wealth of the universe is available to you today. Continue on your path and you will get that which you desire.

-H.P. J.Smith 6/25/13

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